Happy New Year!

2015 was an amazing year! I learned so much about birth, women, babies, families, and myself. There were triumphs and challenges, pure joy and utter heartache, I’ve witnessed raw life in all its glory. I’m in awe of women: their nurturing care, strength, and authenticity. I cannot express to my clients and supporters how truly thankful I am for each of you. Thank you for letting this birth work that I am so passionate for, be my career and way of supporting my own sweet family. I am so excited to see what 2016 has in store for us!!! 💗

Birth Art Class


I have been invited to share my love of birth art (more below on what birth art is!) at The Birth Circle of Peoria, IL on January 7th! This is free and will be lots of fun! The Birth Circle is a newer group that meets once a month to discuss birth stories and experiences. It is open to anyone who is pregnant, given birth, or interested in birth. 

More info is available on Facebook, or you are welcome to contact me at maloryteegarden@gmail.com

Facebook event page

So…what is birth art?!

Any time I mention birth art I almost always get a funny look and the above question. My answer: Birth art is whatever you want it to be! It is a way to express your feelings, fears, expectations and experiences that you have towards pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. There is no right or wrong way to approach this project. You could sit down with notebook paper and pencil, crayons, or you may decide to get fancy and use paint or my favorite addition *GLITTER*! You could even use another medium, such as clay. 

Some find that drawing out what they wish for their environment at their next birth (upcoming or not) can be insightful. Or maybe expressing how you felt at your previous birth. Do any particular colors or thoughts stand out that you want to include? 

I’ve found focusing on the art project to be helpful to my doula clients in areas like processing their birth story, healing birth trauma, preparing for an upcoming birth, and more. 

Please come join me on January 7th! I’m really looking forward to sharing time and stories together!