BengKung Belly Binding

What is BengKung Belly Binding? 

BengKung Belly Binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum woman’s belly for physical support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth. Women have been practicing belly binding for centuries throughout different cultures. This particular belly binding technique originates from Malaysia and uses a long strip of cloth to wrap around around the abdomen from the hips to the ribcage. A special technique is used to hold the wrap and bind together. 

What are the benefits of binding? 

● Provides strong support to the womb and pelvis after childbirth 

● Aids your body’s natural healing process.  

● Helps to slim the ribcage, belly and hips. 

● Pulls the separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together, it is common for these muscles to separate to make room for your growing womb and baby but women often need additional physical therapy or gentle tummy exercises to strengthen their core again. Binding can also help facilitate this healing. 

● Prevents back pain: while wearing it, the wrap encourages you to sit and walk straight, and also to use good posture while breastfeeding as most women tend to curve toward their baby which puts stress on your shoulders and neck. 

For more information or to secure your spot in my schedule for your own postpartum healing and binding, contact me at maloryteegarden{at} or through the contact page of my website! 

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