Childbirth Class!

I am setting up a birth class for next month, as I have a few couples interested! I’m looking at Saturday mornings starting April 4th, 10am-noon. Located in Peoria!

To sign up, you can Facebook me, leave your email on this page, email me at
or call/text me at 309.712.1701

The class is broken into 4 sessions over 4 weeks. The price is $150, which includes workbooks from PlumTree baby. If you sign up with another couple or friend, I offer you both a $25 discount.

Some of the topics we will cover:
-Pregnancy & Nutrition
-Choosing Care Providers & Birthing Location
-Is this Labor???
-Stages of Labor
-Labor Positions and Comfort Measures
-Filling Your Toolbox
-Effective Pushing
-Dads & Labor: Love Languages during your birthing time
-Challenges in Labor
-Fear, Tension, & Pain Cycle
-Birth Art activity
-Your Newborn!
-Other Postpartum Issues
-Birth Plans & Wishes
-& more!

Facebook event here: Teegarden Doula Childbirth Class

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